Appointment and GP Referral

Obtaining a Referral

In order for us to appropriately cater for the healthcare needs of all children and young people depending on the urgency of medical or developmental presentations, we require a referral from your GP before we can offer your child an appointment. You may also benefit from the Medicare rebates if you have a valid referral.

Please kindly visit your GP to obtain a referral that includes all information relevant to your child’s issues.

Sending a Referral

Your GP can forward the referral directly to us via Medical Objects secure messaging system.

You or your GP can send the referral via email to our admin team at

Your GP can fax the referral to us directly at (07) 3543 8899

Securing an Appointment

Once you have obtained and sent us a referral, you may contact us via phone or email to secure an appointment with one of our doctors.

Please note appointment allocation and wait times may vary depending on the availability of the doctors and the current length of our waitlist.

You may also opt in to be placed on our cancellation list, should you wish to be seen earlier. Cancellation notices can be as short as the same day.

Preparing For Your Appointment

We Are Welcoming New Patients

MyPaeds Specialist Clinic is currently accepting new patients! Please ensure that you first obtain a referral from your GP in order to secure an appointment with us.