About MyPaeds

MyPaeds Specialist Clinic

is a new private paediatric service established in 2023.

MyPaeds offers specialised Paediatric care to babies, children, and adolescents in our community within the local and greater Brisbane area.

At MyPaeds Specialist Clinic, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive, holistic, strength-based and family-centred approach, to ensure a better outcome in the care for all children and adolescents.

We aim to provide the much-needed care to the children and families in a timely manner, with evidence-based practice and good quality patient education, for a range of Paediatric medical, developmental, behavioural, and learning issues.

We will work with you and your child as a team to improve their physical, mental, behavioural, psychological, and social health, in order to optimise their developmental and learning progress.

A Paediatric Specialist Clinic That You Can Rely On

Our team is comprised of clinicians and an administrative team who have vast experience in healthcare and are deeply passionate about making a difference for the children and families in need of good quality care.

We Are Welcoming New Patients

MyPaeds Specialist Clinic is currently accepting new patients! Please ensure that you first obtain a referral from your GP in order to secure an appointment with us.